Mikhail Krivilev

Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics
Dept. of Physics
Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya 1,
426034 Izhevsk
email: mk at udsu dot ru

Date of Birth: 29 May 1974
Place of Birth: Chaykovskiy, Russia

Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics (December 2001)
Speciality: Condensed Matter Physics
Thesis Title: “The pattern formation during rapid solidification of binary alloys”
Advisors: Dr. P.K. Galenko, Prof. V.A. Zhuravlev
Scientific Council by Physics-Technical Institute of Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Izhevsk). The study is performed at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Physical Faculty, Udmurt State University (Izhevsk, Russia)

Study of Theoretical Physics at the Udmurt State University (Izhevsk, 1991-1996); Diploma thesis and examination (1996)

Research interests

General: Specific:

Selected Publications

  1. W. Loeser, R. Hermann, T.G. Woodcock, J. Fransaer, M. Krivilyov, L. Granasy, T. Pusztai, G. Toth, D.M. Herlach, D. Holland-Moritz, M. Kolbe and T. Volkmann, Nucleation and phase selection in undercooled melts: Magnetic Alloys of Industrial Relevance. J. Japan Soc. Micrograv. Applications (2008), in press.
  2. M. Krivilyov, J. Fransaer, Numerical simulation of unsteady flow inside an impulsively started liquid drop. In: Computational Fluid Dynamics IV, Springer (2008), in press.
  3. Y. Detandt , M. Krivilyov, Y. Salhi, D. Vanden Abeele, J. Fransaer, Direct numerical simulation of Taylor-Couette flows in the fully turbulent regime. In: Computational Fluid Dynamics IV, Springer (2008), in press.
  4. D.P. Sekulic, P.K. Galenko, M.D. Krivilyov, L. Walker and F. Gao, Dendritic growth in Al-Si alloys during brazing. Part 1: Experimental evidence and kinetics. Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer 48(12) 2372–2384 (2005).
  5. D.P. Sekulic, P.K. Galenko, M.D. Krivilyov, L. Walker and F. Gao, Dendritic growth in Al-Si alloys during brazing. Part 2: Computational modeling. Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer 48(12) 2385–2396 (2005).
  6. M.D. Krivilyov and P.K. Galenko, Effect of stochastic noise on dendritic structure in solidifying alloys. In: Fractals, Applied Synergetics and Structure Design, eds: V.S. Ivanova et al., Nova Science Publishers Inc, 201210 (2005).
  7. M. D. Krivilyov, P. K. Galenko, and D. P. Sekulic, Modelling of Al-Si alpha-phase crystal pattern formation during aluminium brazing. In: DVS Berichte, 231 126129 (2004).
  8. E.V. Haranzhevskiy, D.A. Danilov, M.D. Krivilyov, P.K. Galenko, Structure and mechanical properties of structural steel in laser resolidification processing. Mater. Sci. Eng. A 375-377 502–506 (2004).
  9. P.K. Galenko, M.D. Krivilyov, B.I. Ladyanov, and M.V. Osetrov, Application of the model of locally nonequilibrium solidification to the process of structure formation in alloys rapidly quenched by spinning. Crystallography Reports, 46(2) 310–311 (2001).
  10. P.K. Galenko, M.D. Krivilyov, Modelling of crystal pattern formation in isothermal undercooled alloys. Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng, 8 81–94 (2000).
  11. P.K. Galenko, M.D. Krivilyov, Model for isothermal pattern formation of growing crystals in undercooled binary alloys. Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng., 8 67–79 (2000).
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  13. P.K. Galenko, M.D. Krivilyov, S.V. Buzilov, Bifurcations in a sidebranch surface of a free-growing dendrite. Phys. Rev. E, 55(1) 611–619 (1997).

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