Evgeny Kharanzhevsky

Physical Faculty
Udmurt State University
Universitetskaya 1,
426034 Izhevsk
email: eh at uni.udm dot ru

Date of Birth: 24 September 1974
Place of Birth: Izhevsk, Russia

Ph.D. in Materials Engineering (May 2002)
Advisors: Dr. G.V. Lomaev, Dr. P.K. Galenko.
The study is performed at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Physical Faculty, Udmurt State University (Izhevsk, Russia)

Study of Materials Engineering at the Izhevsk State Technical University (Izhevsk, 1992-1997)

Research interests

Selected Publications

  1. G.V. Lomaev, E.V. Haranzhevskiy, Surface hardening by high-velocity laser resolidification processing. MITOM. 2002, No 3. P. 27-32.
  2. P.K. Galenko, E.V. Haranzhevskiy, D.A. Danilov, Fast crystallization of structural steel during laser processing of the surface. Journal of Technical Physics 72 48-55 (2002).
  3. E.V. Haranzhevskiy, D.A. Danilov, M.D. Krivilyov, P.K. Galenko, Structure and mechanical properties of structural steel in laser resolidification processing. Mater. Sci. Eng. A 375-377 502–506 (2004).

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